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Moong dal Rasam. Moong Dal Halwa Recipe with step by step photos. Moong Dal Halwa is an addictive and delicious halwa variety made from mung lentils and ghee (clarified butter). How to Make Moong Dal Rasam.

I took this recipe from Aval Vikatan magazine under "Paati vaithiyam" section. We (Me & My MIL )call this rasam as 'Energy Rasam'. We have this rasam whenever we suffer from fever,cold. Cooking Moong dal Rasam is a fun thing, additionally it becomes much more special value if you cook it yourself. By using the adhering to 19 active ingredients, you can begin cooking 3 steps. observe the following area for you to start cooking immediately.

Ingredients of Moong dal Rasam

  1. It’s 100 grams of Moong dal.
  2. You need 1 of tomato.
  3. Prepare 1 of onion.
  4. It’s 4 of green chillies.
  5. You need 2 inches of ginger.
  6. Prepare leaves of Curry.
  7. You need 1 of ladies finger.
  8. You need of Small tamrind ball.
  9. It’s As needed of Turmeric powder.
  10. It’s As required of Salt.
  11. It’s of Tempering.
  12. Prepare 1/4 tsp of Cumin seeds.
  13. You need 1/4 tsp of Mustard seeds.
  14. It’s 1/4 tsp of Fenugreek seeds.
  15. It’s to taste of Red chilli.
  16. Prepare 4 of garlic cloves.
  17. Prepare 1/2 tsp of Hing.
  18. Prepare leaves of Curry.
  19. Prepare 1 tsp of Ghee.

Moong dal has its unique flavor, and you can taste that in this rasam. We like the combination of moong dal and ginger. Give this rasam a try, and I am sure you will love it. Moong Dal Tadka is a simple Indian dal made with split petite yellow lentils.

Moong dal Rasam step by step

  1. Cook the moong dal in pressure cooker with required water for 3 whistles. Later grind the cooked moong Dal in mixer..
  2. Take a vessel pour 500ml water. Add chopped veggies (ginger should be smashed) moong dal paste,tamarind,turmeric powder,salt. Cook on low flame till the veggies are cooked. Switch off the flame..
  3. Tempering : take a kadai add 1 tsp of ghee. Now add garlic.when garlic get fried lightly add cumin seeds,fenugreek seeds,mustard seeds and red chilli. later add hing and curry leaves. Turnoff the flame put this tempering in moong dal rasam.serve it with rice..

Moong dal reminds me of my time in Scotland. My friend Deepa used to make the best the moong dal, so Deepa if you are. Moong Dal Pakoda is one of the popular pakoda in Northern part, we can also call this moong dal vada or bada as it's made of dal and not besan (chickpeas flour). Moong dal halwa made with moong dal, sugar, ghee and cardamom powder. Moong dal halwa tastes not only delicious but is also aromatic and makes for a great celebration dessert.

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